niedziela, 21 grudnia 2008

Timothy Jay Alexander

Timothy Jay Alexander jest promotorem hellenizmu w USA. Napisał trzy książki o współczenym hellenizmie. Z pochodzenia jest... Polakiem, bowiem dziadek ze strony jego matki pochodził z Polski (przybył do USA w latach 20. przed Wielkim Kryzysem). Na forum Hellenismos.us Timothy Jay Alexander zamieścił m.in. post dotyczący Hermesa:

Hermes God of Travelers, Merchants, and Athletes Giver of Good Things,Glad Hearted,Imparting Joy,The Luck Bringer.Overseeing Pastures and Shepherds, Keeper of the Flocks,Protector of Property, Keen-Sighted God. Messenger of the Gods,The Interpretor, Conveyor of Souls, Immortal Guide.This thread is for people to ask questions about Hermes, and give answers by sharing facts, opinions, and personal experiences.Traditional offerings include coins, incense (frankincense among others), honey, wine, cakes, olive oil... ginger and strawberries are good. In ancient times people would leave gifts of food, money, and clothing at herms, phallic shaped stone pillars. Travelers would then take these gifts to help them on their way... and so, the gift to Hermes becomes a gift from Hermes. I have adapted this by creating an offering jar that I add coins into. When the jar is full I add a note stating, "This is a gift from Hermes, the Luck Bringer. He presents this to you, and asks that you share it with others. You will continue to receive the Gods' favor for as long as you pass it forward." I then place the gift close to a crossroad, a shopping center parking lot or other some such place, and trust the God will gift the person of his choosing.
Może i u nas w Polsce przyjmie się taki hermaion?

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